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Product Overview


  • Automatic Die Cutting & Foil Stamping in one machine.
  • Machine can do both vertical as well as horizontal foil stamping at 12 heating zones with automatic cutoff process.
  • The direction of foil saver shows us the suitability of saving foil in system computer.
  • Die cutting at the speed of 7500/hour and foil stamping speed at the speed of 6500/hour at high speed.
  • Along with machine all electrical and mechanical part are approved by CE for safety.
  • Mabeg feeder which is one of the best feeder.
  • Technical Specifications

    Model   CH-1050SEF (Diecutting and Foil Stamping)
    Max/Min Sheet Size (mm) 1050 x 750/ 400 x 360
    Max cutting/Inner Chase (mm) 1040 x 720/ 1080 x 745
    Sheet Thickness 100 ~ 600 g/m2 cardboard, corrugated up to <4mm
    Maximum Speed Diecutting 7500 sheets/hour// Stamping 6000 sheets/hour
    Maximum Pressure 300 tons
    Minimum grip margin 6 ~ 8 mm
    Foil devices 3 longitudinal 200/240mm//2 tr / ansveral 200mm
    Main motor power 11kw
    Total power Diecutting 20kw, Stamping 57kw
    Machine Weight (Kg) 16 tons