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Folder Gluer - Product Overview


  • The main machine is controlled by human-computer interface, connected with remote controller, ensures easy adjustment and operation.
  • All transmission belts of the lower panels are wrapped around externally, no need to unload the transmission shaft during replacing belts.
  • The upper pressing bars can be set via micro-adjust depending on different paper thickness.
  • The stable design ensures machine without shaking during high speed operation.
  • The plate is run by electricity which can be easily done for changing the different size boxes.
  • Standard machine can be advanced by adding optional unit like Regulator, Pre-folder, 4 and 6 corner attachment, Panel movement by motorization to achieve highest
  • Shaft-less drive is taken as main drive (Intelligent computing and tracking), and the drive makes lower noise.
  • The speed of main machine and pressing part is controlled by inverter, and speed of main machine, feeder part and pressing part is adopted through the ratio link
  •      *Optional function: UV grinder + Squatting device + Regulator + Pre-folder + Plasma treatment + Cold gluing gun system + 4 and 6 corner attachment + Panel
         movement by motorization + Digital position system

    Technical Specifications

    Model   SCM-1450II,1600II,1800II,2000II,2200II
    Paper Range cardboard; E,B,C,A flute corrugated board
    Box Size (Min.)mm Max. 40-250m/min
    Glue Emulsion type
    Box Type straight line; double wall; lock-bottom; optional 4 or 6 corner collapsible box;
    Optional Features    
    UV Grinder Glue Injection System
    Squaring Device 4 & 6 Corners Attachment
    Regulator Panel Movement by Motorization
    Pre-Folder Digital Positioning System