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Water Based OPP/PET Film Laminator & Thermal Lamination Machine- Product Overview


  • Auto paper stacking system beats and puts the paper in pneumatic way, it can stack all kinds of paper, double paper removing system prevents the occurrence of
           double paper.
  • High Precision ceramic rolling and scrapping system is used to ensure even and thinner gluing, heat recycling system helps to reduce energy consumption.
  • Double unit power / dust cleaner is able to remove and clean over 90% power / dust on the paper surface.
  • Adopt high - speed feeding head to avoid double - paper or no - paper equipping with auto Pre-piling and non - stopping device to greatly enhance the production.
  • Technical Specifications

    Model   FM-1050 FM-1300 FM-1450
    Max Sheet Size WxL (mm) 1050x910 1300x910 1450x910
    Min Sheet Size WxL (mm) 300x300 300x300 300x300
    Thickness of upper paper (gsm) 100~500 100~500 100~500
    Machine Speed (M/min) 10-85 10-85 10-85
    Installed Power (KW) 67 70 73
    Consuming Power in Production (KW) 30-44 30-44 30-44
    Machine Space (W/L/H) (mm) 13600x2300x3600 14200x2300x3600 15200x2300x3600
    Machine Weight (KG) 11500 12500 13000