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CI Press- Product Overview

CI Press & Specifications

  • Letterpress
  • Flexo.
  • Intaglio printing .
  • Rotary screen printing .
  • Reel and Sheet output.
  • Cooling system to handle unsupported films.
  • Rotary die cutting system for labels.
  • Substrates compatiable to Self adheshive label stock, Barrier laminated material (for Lamitubes), BOPP films, Shrink films, styrofomed and other special materials etc.
  • Technical Specifications

    Working width 260
    Max. printing width 250 mm
    Unwind roll dia (max) 800 mm
    Rewind roll dia (max) 800 mm
    Printing length range 190.5 mm to 460.375 mm
    Gear pitch 1/8 inch
    Max Speed 100 MPM
    Machine weight (approx) 9 MT