KN95 Mask Making Machine Home

Automatic high-speed HM-ZD100 Mask Machine


  • The new design of the whole machine, the full computer double frequency converter control, parameter setting,              simple operation, auto error stop and display, fault display at a glance, positioning and automatic stopping function,           simple transmission system, in line with the safety standards of class II medical devices.
  • The thickness of the mask and the length of the nose bridge strip can be adjusted within a certain range. Both-sides      ear-loop can be delivered and cut automatically, welded firmly, folded, formed, and waste will be removed. Adjustable        producing speed according to different materials, production quality very stable,and high production efficiency.
  • Product positioning with high accuracy, low noise, smooth movement and stable performance.
  • Remote operation control function is optional, including installation & training.

  • Technical Specifications

    Model HM-ZD100
    Product Size 150mmX105mm
    Air supply 0.8Mpa
    Speed 40-50pcs/min(1+1)
    Power 12Kw/AC220V
    Net Weight 2600Kg
    Machine Dimension 11200X1400X2200MM