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Fully Auto Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine- Product Overview


  • Suitable for small square bottom paper bags with handles.
  • labor cost effective.
  • Specially design for food & ornaments industries.
  • Enhance quality of packaging bags.
  • Special bottom closing device improves the slow bottom closing process in traditional models, so as to greatly enhance the bag making speed.
  • Distinct bottom gluing system (water glue) can efficiently save glue loss and labor cost, bringing the profit to the customer directly during the production.

  • Technical Specifications

    Model ZD-QFJ08
    Paper Roll width 430-770mm
    Max. Paper Roll Diameter 1200mm
    Material Core Diamter 76mm
    Paper Thickess 50-140 g/m2
    Bag Body Width 150-220mm
    Paper Tube Length 230-370mm
    Bag Bottom Size 50-140mm
    Handle Rope Height 100-110mm
    Handel Rope Diameter 4-6mm
    Handle Patch Length 114.3mm
    Handle Patch Width 40-50mm
    Paper Patch Roll Diameter 1200mm
    Paper Patch Roll Width 80-100mm
    Paper Patch Thickness 100-250g/m2
    Max. Production Speed 150 bags/min
    Total Power 28kw
    Total Weight 1500kg.
    Dimension L11000xW4000xH1800mm