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HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Grooving Machine - Product Overview


Our Automatic Grooving Machine is used for notching greyboard on a plate. The machine does not cause any cosmetic wrinkles or unwanted bending during box production. We guarantee a high quality end production when using our equipment.

  • The entire Production process is PLC controlled for easy operation.
  • The feeding plate is controlled by linear guide and servo motor.
  • All the knives are made of wear resistant tungsten steel for highly accurate cuts.
  • It can notch various paper materials, including Greyboard, paperboard, density boards, etc.
  • *This machine requires an air compressor of ≥0.75kW.

    Technical Specifications

    Model   HM-ZDPX1000
    Greyboard Width 50-1000mm
    Greyboard Length 50-600mm
    Notch Distance 0-950mm
    Greyboard Thickness 200gsm-5mm
    Notch Angle 90-120◦
    No. Of Notch 8
    Speed 15-20pcs/min
    Voltage AC380V
    Power 5.5kW
    Net weight 2000kg
    Dimension 1900x1400x1660mm