Rigid Box Making Machine Home

HM-350A Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine- Product Overview


  • Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production
  • Computer control with error auto stop and display (optional)
  • Adopt servo and PLC
  • Automatically change mould (optional)
  • Automatically feed paper and greyboard.
  • 24-hours control for glue pre-heating
  • Input 300 product formula, and add 2G memory SD card (optional)
  • Automatically cut and heat tape to paste the greyboard box's quad stayer
           (four corners), with independent man-machine control
  • Spotter by camera tracing system and Robot Arm (spotting inaccuracy
  • Wrapper can automatically and continually lift box, wrap paper, fold corner
           edge, fold in and form box.
  • Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional)
  • All the major units are sheltered for operation safety and from optical deviation
  • Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional)
  • Remodel to use Automatic Greyboard Assembling Unit (optional)

  • Technical Specifications

    Model HM-350A  
    Paper Sheet Size
    (B=Length, A=Width)
    B (Max.) 600mm
    B (Min.) 110mm
    A (Max.) 455mm
    A (Min.) 45mm
    Finished Box Size
    (L=Length, W=Width, H=Height)
    L (Max.) 350mm
    L (Min.) 45mm
    W (Max.) 250mm
    W (Min.) 35mm
    H (Max.) 120mm
    H (Min.) 10mm
    Greyboard Thickness (T) T 1-3mm
    Paper Thickness Thickness Range 80-160gsm
    Folding-in Depth (R) R 8-80mm
    Paper Corner Edge (E) E 8-80mm
    Paper Pile Height (Max.) 300mm
    Greyboard Pile Height (Max.) 850mm
    Glue Tank Volume 20L
    Air Supply 480L/min, 0.8Mpa
    Speed ≤32pcs/min
    Voltage AC380V
    Power 23kW
    Net Weight 4200kg
    Machine Dimension 5500mmx4500mmx3000mm