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Die Cutting Machine - Product Overview


  • Feeding Section
  • Feed Table
  • Die Cutting Section
  • Stripping system
  • Delivery Section
  • Front waste removal tool.
  • Human machine interface.
  • Siemens latest PLC technology.
  • High precision lead edge feeder.
  • Wide stock range for corrugated board.
  • Photoelectrical device for safe operation, European Taiwanese and Japanese standard spare parts..
  • ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturing.
  • Technical Specifications

    Modal   MZ 1050Q
    Maximum paper size 1050×750mm
    Minimum paper size 400×360mm
    Maximum cutting size 1040×730mm
    Maximum cutting pressure 300×104N
    Stock range Cardboard90-2000gCorrugated board≤4mm
    Cutting precision ±0.1mm
    Maximum mechanical speed 7500s/h
    Paper delivery height 1300mm
    Paper feeding height 1500mm
    Pressure adjusting range ±1mm
    Minimum front margin ≥9mm
    Inner chase size 1140×756mm
    Total power 20kw
    Main motor power 11kw
    Machine Dimension (include the platform) 6000×4400×2440mm
    Machine Dimension (exclude the platform) 6000×2400×2440mm
    Total weight ≈17t